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We have been installing Car Alarms and Immoblisers to Perth WA vehicles for over 20 years and pride ourselves on providing customers with the absolute best quality products and personal service. Immobilisers Perth is owned and operated by Alarm and Audio Excellence and can provide you with all your car electronic needs.

We offer a workshop installation as well as Mobile Installation within the Perth Metro Area. You can organise for an Immobliser to be installed by us with one simple phone call. We can install Immobilisers from as little as $89 !

Immoblisers and Car Alarms in Perth Western Australia
For a Quote or Installation please phone us on:

Phone 0488 820 860

Perth Immobiliser Installation and Repair Service
Immobilizer - Government Approved Car Alarms and Immobilisers for Vehicles in Perth Western Australia we sell, Service, Repair and Install Car Alarms, Central Locking and Immobliser systems www.immobilizer.com.au